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Mexico wedding photographer -Tane and Diego are a fun couple, who chose us to make a casual session at Desierto de los Leones in México City.

Passionate about theater and art.

Both are animal lovers, they show us a little of their essence and their love.

It was a very intense session, even the rangers appeared when they saw color smoke signs.

We loved spending time with our friends Tane and Diego.


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Dalila and Guy celebrated their fourth anniversary with a couple session.

The stage was the center of Mérida, our beautiful city.

Merida is very peaceful but also known for its hot weather!

Dali, cuban by birth and heart, and Guy lover of good rum are a happy couple who undoubtedly complement each other.

They are great companions who share the taste for traveling and to know new places and cultures.

We also become really good friends, and we always enjoy our work, but when it is for a couple of friends we enjoy it even more, besides that when the session was over we had a delicious beer to refresh ourselves and then we continued the party.



YUCATÁN | BEACHLILIANA BOUDOIRIt´s just about feeling sexy


Liliana is a 36 years old  wife and mother. She has been married for seven years and wanted to live the experience of a boudoir session mainly for her, although her husband, who told her to do so, would be delighted with the result. In this session we could get to know several facets of Liliana, who let us see her sexy and feminine sides.

Talking about why she wanted the session, she told us that she believes that she is in the best stage of her life, that she had never had the body she now has and especially wanted to feel even sexier.

We really enjoyed the time we had with her, and we believe she felt confortable having the both of us guiding her on how to pose and also talking about every topic that crossed our mind. She looked lovely and very sexy, and we both let her know, and it shows in the final result.




BEACH | YUCATÁNPAOLA´S TRASH THE DRESSLovely afternoon at the beach

There is nothing like having a job that you like.

Most of the creative people like us, are lucky to have a job they enjoy.

Photography has to come from the soul, since if not, even if the photo

is technically correct, it would´t inspire or transmit anything.

There are many times when when you enjoy your work so much that you

end up forgetting to do things that really inspire you,

photos for you and not always for someone else.

Because what I mentioned before and because I love her so much,

I did this trash the dress session to Paola, my wife.

We wanted to spend some quality time together, enjoy what we love

to do without interruptions; Try new techniques, innovate our style,

and this is the result of a beautiful, cold afternoon at the beach



trash-the-dress trash-the-dress


A peaceful, sunny afternoon, when we finally met Lucia in person.

She gave this L O V E  S E S S I O N as a gift to Luis, her boyfriend.

Since we have only wrote each other through Facebook, so when we

arrived we talked for a while to get to know each other, and then

we started with the clicks. As time was passing they were more and more

connected we could feel the chemistry between them and the shooting flowed in

a very high level. We love when this connections happen during

our session, it helps us achieve meaningful and beautiful images.




Rick y Leo

Rick and Leo are a loving couple, who chose us as their photographers for a LOVE SESSION, since they love our spontaneous vision. We spent a few hours in the beautiful Hacienda Dzibikak on a cloudy day and had a lot of fun, we even dance in the rain for a few minutes. Rick is a newborn and family photographer, so this time he lived the experience of being on the other side of the camera with his partner.

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