YUCATÁN | BEACHLILIANA BOUDOIRIt´s just about feeling sexy


Liliana is a 36 years old  wife and mother. She has been married for seven years and wanted to live the experience of a boudoir session mainly for her, although her husband, who told her to do so, would be delighted with the result. In this session we could get to know several facets of Liliana, who let us see her sexy and feminine sides.

Talking about why she wanted the session, she told us that she believes that she is in the best stage of her life, that she had never had the body she now has and especially wanted to feel even sexier.

We really enjoyed the time we had with her, and we believe she felt confortable having the both of us guiding her on how to pose and also talking about every topic that crossed our mind. She looked lovely and very sexy, and we both let her know, and it shows in the final result.




  • Keko said:

    Felicidades muy bonitas fotos!