BEACH | YUCATÁNPAOLA´S TRASH THE DRESSLovely afternoon at the beach

There is nothing like having a job that you like.

Most of the creative people like us, are lucky to have a job they enjoy.

Photography has to come from the soul, since if not, even if the photo

is technically correct, it would´t inspire or transmit anything.

There are many times when when you enjoy your work so much that you

end up forgetting to do things that really inspire you,

photos for you and not always for someone else.

Because what I mentioned before and because I love her so much,

I did this trash the dress session to Paola, my wife.

We wanted to spend some quality time together, enjoy what we love

to do without interruptions; Try new techniques, innovate our style,

and this is the result of a beautiful, cold afternoon at the beach



trash-the-dress trash-the-dress