DOWNTOWN | Mérida, YucatánVaquería de las ánimas

Mondays are days of Vaquería in Merida, one of the traditional festivals in Yucatan. It has its origin in the colonial era and it used to be celebrate annually in honor of the patron or patroness of an Hacienda; these parties took three days and four nights, or all week.

Every week a representation is made at downtown of our city, where we can admire a mix of different elements such as religion and dances brought by the Spaniards, which served to share their traditions with the Mayan people.

The Vaquería of Animas is once a year during the celebrations of the faithful departed, and this time we had the opportunity to document the dancers characterized as dead people.

The night began with an explanation of what is the celebration of Hanal Pixán, followed by a short prayer in front of the altar, and then members of the folkloric ballet made an amazing demonstration of Jarana, our typical dance.

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