Wedding trends of 2018

Wedding trends of 2018

Trend colors for weddings

Weddings are the special events that exist and therefore, should be planned in detail.

For that reason, we show you about the wedding trends of 2018.

One of the most important factors is to define the color that will be used to establish the wedding subject.

This is important because there’re many factors that depend on it, such as the flowers and the attire. Those are part of the wedding trends of 2018.

In this year 2018, there are several shades of color that will be a trend for these important events.

The violet color will be one of the colors that most impact.  This will cause an enhancement next to the white dress of the bride.

The vintage tones remain on our list, as they are very versatile and provide a rustic style and elegance in the decoration. The color clay and / or dark brown is ideal to create that atmosphere of simplicity but retaining the elegance that a wedding should have.

On the other hand, there is a color that goes between coral and orange, which will soon be the one that causes the greatest tendency in weddings.


Now it’s time to welcome back to the blue colors. Among these,  the aquamarine it’s going to stand out, ideal for weddings on the seashore.

Another wedding trends of 2018, will be the gold.

Finally, one of the latest trend colors, but not less important, is the olive color. This is an ideal color for evening events; It has a lot of relationship with nature and is perfect for the fall season.

We as Paola & Alex love all those, because shows the personality of the couple that is getting married and we asure you that it Will be the greatest Day of your lives!